The Lansbury Micro Museum is a small exhibition space within Chrisp Street Market on the Lansbury Estate in Poplar, East London. The V&A has been invited to create a series of displays exploring the rich history and architectural importance of the Lansbury Estate.

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10am-4pm every Friday & Saturday until 16 September 2017

Neighbourhood Number 9


The Micro Museum’s first exhibition series, Neighbourhood Number 9, has been organised by the V&A to explore the importance of the Lansbury Estate as a microcosm of planning ideas for London.

A series of three distinct exhibitions, Neighbourhood Number 9 invites visitors to discover the rich history of the Lansbury Estate, from its conception as an ideal neighbourhood in the aftermath of the Second World War, through the impact of modernisation and industrial decline, to the plans for regeneration and population growth over the next decade. The displays will revisit the original ambitions for the neighbourhood, reflect on how life there has changed over time, and consider how it might change again.

Neighbourhood Number 9 is curated by historians and curators Ruth Lang and Pete Collard, and designed by Stefi Orazi Studio.

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Explore the history of the Lansbury Estate further by joining one of the events and workshops hosted by the Micro Museum.

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Unit 27
Chrisp Street Market
E14 6AQ

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